Agent turn's off the softphone whitout loggoff


This is my problem.

I have an agent logged in and evrything’s normal, but suddenly the agent turn’s off the softphone whitout loggoff, so asterisk detects it and unregister the phone.



Maybe this lost something in translation, but it is desirable for the phone to become unavailable in that case.

If you actually mean that it is not becoming unavailable, you should use the qualify option. You may need to use rtptimeout to detect this mid call.

Of course, this is really a social problem, and you should address that, in preference to technical workrounds.

Thanks alot…

What i have to do for that…

Is there any configuration needed…?

In SIP.conf or agents.conf or in queues.conf

Thanks again…


grep qualify configs/*.sample.


Do you mean qualify=yes in SIP.CONF ?