Agent status and queue member status is not matched

Agent Status and Queue Member Status is not matched
like this…

  • agent status

    localhostCLI> agent show 5000
    Id: 5000
    Beep: beep
    MOH: default
    RecordCalls: No
    State: INUSE
    LoggedInChannel: PJSIP/IPPBX1-0000000d
    LoggedInTime: 1651110504
    TalkingWith: PJSIP/GATEWAY-0000000f
    CallStarted: 1651111039

  • queue member status

    localhost*CLI> queue show predictive
    predictive has 0 calls (max unlimited) in ‘fewestcalls’ strategy (5s holdtime, 52s talktime), W:5, C:8, A:0, SL:87.5%, SL2:87.5% within 20s
    5000 (Local/5000@Agents from Agent:5000) with penalty 5 (ringinuse disabled) (dynamic) (Not in use) has taken 2 calls (last was 6 secs ago) (login was 560 secs ago)
    No Callers

can you show how is the agent configured in your queue
also have you configured state_interface to something like Agent:5000

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Thansk a lot
You’re right!!

in AddQueueMember(queuename,[interface,[penalty,[options,[membername,[stateinterface,[wrapuptime]]]]]])
I missed ‘stateinterface’

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