AEL & Realtime - Do they work together?

I am attempting to convert my base config from extensions.conf to extensions.ael to give me more flexibility in the native dialplan when working with things like Looking at the config page:

It says to do switches this way:

[quote=“Asterisk Wiki”]context default {
switches {
eswitches {

But when I try to do it this way:

[quote=“My extensions.ael”]context std_ob {
switches {

It registers the context in the diaplan without the switch, like this:

[quote=“Asterisk CLI extensions.ael”][ Context ‘std_ob’ created by ‘pbx_ael’ ]

When it should look like this:

[quote=“Asterisk CLI from extensions.conf”][ Context ‘std_ob’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
Alt. Switch => ‘Realtime/std_ob@realtime_ext’ [pbx_config][/quote]

Does AEL support calling a switch to Realtime today?

Anyone know?