AEL (Math function not working correctly)

There’s this piece of code I wrote in AEL.


And, billsecb4 always returns 0.

mathematical functions on numbers only is not what i would call a bug/working incorrectly.

also, is that a typo in lines 1 and 3 ? STRPTIME ? my Asterisk box doesn’t show any such function. unless you should be running a system call around that ?


Thanks for your help.

in your op, you said [quote=“velazcod”]It seems to me that the time values are in a string, and the math function only works on integers[/quote], i’m merely saying that doesn’t sound like a bug to me (except for the reference to integers of course).

if you NoOP(${variablename}) after each step, what output do you get ? i’m just wondering if your function calls are actually returning numbers.

do you have processor time to allow an AGI to run, giving you perhaps a bit more flexibility/function use ?

If I NoOp after each step I get the values, but on step

I always get 0.000000.

Yes, I do have lots of processor time but the more optimized the better, you never know how many concurrent calls you can get.


was also a (poorly) veiled request to post them :blush: