Advantages of Asterisk versus another VOIP provider?


I’m involved in a new phone system deployment and have a vendor insisting that I move off our current VOIP provider because Asterisk is just the best thing. I’m looking for pros and cons.

Any input would be appreciated.



Asterisk isn’t itself a VoIP provider. It’s just a piece of software that speaks different protocols and can be used to implement things (such as a phone system).You’d still need a VoIP provider to connect to the traditional PSTN.


Thanks for the response. So features, customer support, and overall management will vary from VOIP provider to VOIP provider based on their implementation of Asterisk?

If they are using Asterisk in some capacity, yes. It’s just a piece of software - how you (or them) use it can be vastly different. Are you sure your vendor wasn’t referring to switching from a hosted PBX solution to a local solution using Asterisk?

No. To fully disclose the details we are currently on RingCentral and we have a vendor pushing Digium and touting how much better they are than Ring Central because they use Asterisk. We are looking at cutting costs and this reseller is making it compelling with reduced costs. They promise better customer support, easy transition, yada yada yada.

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They might be referring to Digium SIP Trunking:

Yep, Digium is Asterisk’s parently company. There are pros and cons to every open source solution, especially in the enterprise landscape, and Asterisk has a full range of features, functionality and friendliness to support a variety of needs and circumstances.