Adjunct MCU recommendations

I need to add an MCU to an Asterisk environment to handle video conference situations that include legacy SIP video clients.

I am aware of Freeswitch as one option. Can anyone recommend others?

Might an additional new Asterisk instance or two be sufficient to meet your MCU requirements ?

Something like Cyber Mega Phone 2000 could work for you ?

We would love it if Asterisk could serve this role, but unfortunately it’s not an MCU. We need the server-side video multiplexing / mixing.

@jcolp I found this and got pretty excited…

Can you give any ideas on what it would take (time, effort, bribery) to get this video multiplexing rolled in to Asterisk’s conferencing?

We don’t use or touch pjmedia stuff at all, so there’s nothing written to even remotely use it currently. You’d also have to integrate/meld the two in bridging land and make it an optional dependency. To be honest, it’d probably take 1-3 weeks. It’s not something to just be done in an afternoon.

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