Add one column in CDR

Hi want to write queue name into CDR column , I think only userfield,accountcode & amaflag is the column where we can write anything rest columns are read-only.

I have already occupied userfield & accountcode for other purpose and amaflag is not allowing me write qeueuname, I guess allow only OMIT,` BILLING & DOCUMENTATION value can be write into amaflags.

I created one more new column with myqueuename and wrote below code in dialplan
same =>n,Set(CDR(myqueuename)=${QUEUENAME}) and this worked for me.

So, I am bit worried if I go with last option same should not be make any other negative impact on my calling or anything if not then I will create got with this option.

Or any other suggestion then please help me…

That is great way to do it!

One issue to watch is during server upgrades - you might need to manually recreate the column in the new database.

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