Add Call id to Sip history

Hi everyone,

I would like to add the call-id of calling from sip message to sip history log

to add message, it should add in sprint_list_entry function but it needs to add call-id from sip-message to history log like.
when I turn on pjsip history.
[Sep 12 ::] PJSIP_HISTORY[494709] res_pjsip_history.c: 00488 1662951549 * <== OPTIONS SIP/2.0 Call-id:
[Sep 12 ::
] PJSIP_HISTORY[494710] res_pjsip_history.c: 00489 1662951549 * ==> SIP/2.0 200 OK Call-id:
how can i get sip message to print in history log or sip message global variable in c code.

many thanks.

That’s really a developer question. There are IRC channels and mailing lists for developers.

thank you.

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