Add 101 to priority if ANY chan in Dial list is unavailable

I’ve got a situation where I need to move to the next priority if ANY of the channels I pass to Dial is not available.

For instance, I have:

exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/100&SIP/101,10,r)

and I want to go to priority+101 if either SIP/100 or SIP/101 is busy. Dial presently only jumps to another priority if ALL channels in the list are busy.

Which source files would be a good place to start if I wanted to attempt to add another option to Dial that returns all busy if at least one channel in the list is busy?

Does anyone know the answer to this? Just knowing a source file or two where I’d find the largest concentration of code that relates would get me started.

I was hoping for a “take a look at foo.c and bar.c.” But, I was thinking I’d get “are you crazy, you’d have to change 100 src files for that” at the very least…


You could look at using channelavalible or wat ever its called. Then use a goto. You should realy be getting away from the prority jump as its depreciated and will be gone by 1.6 I believe.


I did use ChanIsAvail. Works perfectly!