Action QueueStatus


I have a problem when I launched the queueStaus action.
The members of my queue have been added through realtime in the queue_members tabal, however the following appears

I’m not sure if this should be like that …

thanks in advance

Looks like some text or image did not get added after this? I’m not seeing what appeared?


generic event=“QueueMember” queue=“ventas-cl1-01” name=“PJSIP/6003” location=“PJSIP/6003” stateinterface=“PJSIP/6003” membership=“static” penalty=“0” callstaken=“0” lastcall=“0” lastpause=“0” incall=“0” status=“5” paused=“0” pausedreason=""

I’ll assume you are referring to the following in the output, and you’re wondering why it is not set to realtime:


This is because in the QueueMember event that the QueueStatus command raises does not check if the member is realtime based (it will only show “dynamic” or “static”). However, the QueueMemberStatus that gets raised when a queue’s member status changes will show “realtime” if configured as such.

Basically, the two events, although similar do differ, and do not share the same event generation code. Thus the discrepancy.

Feel free to raise an issue if you like in the issue tracker as this could be considered a bug.

Thank you very much for the answer, I understand it better

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