Action Originate (Asterisk Manager) X Monitor()

Hello all! I need a help.

I connect with Asterisk Manager and execute an Originate Action that asks for Asterisk to call for a number 09194**** and to transfer to peer 101.

This command enters in my dial plan extension that I made exclusively for tests.

The problem is:

If I do the call through ORIGINATE Action, the Monitor() just makes the record file, but this is empty, if I do the call to SoftPhone the record file is made normally.

My Action Originate:

Action: Originate
ActionID: 1BV2bwdI_#Ps20070620175008
Channel: Local/09194****
Exten: 101
Context: ramais
Priority: 1
Variable: ACTIONID=1BV2bwdI_#Ps20070620175008
Async: True

Part of my dial plan:

exten => 09194****,1,set(SCREEN_FILE=/calls/records/TESTE${RAND(1,99999)}
exten => _09194****,2,Monitor(wav,${SCREEN_FILE},m)
exten => _09194****,3,Dial(SIP/TmaisMG/9194****,40,rtw)
exten => _09194****5,4,HangUp()

I checked, with SIP SET DEBUG, if it would be CODECs problems, all calls are done by ‘ulaw’ CODEC.

My Channel, my peer and my SoftPhone are configured to use just ‘ulaw’ CODEC.

I’m using Asterisk 1.4.5



Moacir O. de Souza Junior
Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brasil