Acl errors with empty acl file

I have recently installed Asterisk 16.26.1.
My acl.conf is empty at the moment. but i am getting a lot of errors like:
[2022-06-28 07:42:21.923] WARNING[13146]: acl.c:617 append_ha_core: Invalid IP address: {null}
[2022-06-28 07:42:21.923] ERROR[13146]: chan_sip.c:31928 build_peer: Bad ACL entry in configuration line 0 : {null}. Deleting peer

I have the same config on Asterisk 11 and not getting any errors and warnings.

Does anyone know what it could be ?

chan_sip is effectively unsupported.

My guess is that it is some other case where address matching is needed. I think, for example, that permit and deny generate ACL internally.

Thanks David. i am aware that chan_sip is unsupported. It is just my current system is running on chan_sip and it will take time for us to move to pjsip but eventually we will.
I did not understand what you mean by address matching is needed. i do not have any sip device using the address matching

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