Account Codes

We have a customer using Snom 870’s and FreePBX.
They’re a law firm trying to utilize both user codes and account codes for making long distance calls. They need to track these for billing purposes. I turned on CMC on the phones and this is what’s happening. The user dials the number they’re calling, then presses the check mark, next they press the CMC soft key and they’ve tried to input their user ID code which is 3 digits followed by a client account code which is 5 digits.
When I look at the mySQL database table under account code, all I see is the 3 digit user ID, not the rest of it. The rest of it, the client account code is nowhere to be found in the table.
Am I looking in the wrong place? Does anyone know where this might be? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

I would take SIP traces and see if they are even getting out of the phone, and if so, in which part of the INVITE.

I don’t think they are. At least when I pull the SIP trace and look for the three digit code 310 or the 5 digit which is 99999 for testing, I’m not seeing them. The 310 client code is showing up because it’s located within sip_additional.conf. But I’m having trouble getting the CMC code to be something that can be put in each time.