Abosolute TIMEOUTS and the exten=>T,1, command type

I need more info on using the exten=>T,1,command
I have tried t,1, then T,1, and then h,1, etc. None worked when timing ended.

asterisk and
SET(TIMEOUT(absolute)=value) is what I am trying
================ Edit added below =====
Well having a limit of Y minutes PER CALL is ok with me.
If I limit to X calls per day with using astDB, I think I can do somthing to work.

Then I have a limit of X*Y minutes per day and all is well anyway.

The timeout absolute is almost there for “Y”. I’d settle for 60 second and 10 second beeps OR the T,1,command to work. Then I could use playback to explain the cutoff. OR… If lucky have both.
===== I make a plea then discover my own answer =====
This just in: I found something better.
The Dial command has many options.
lists.digium.com/pipermail/aster … 023822.htm
I got a link to the most detailed Dial() command.
In it was description for L(x[:y[:z]]) as option where x=xms call length, y=yms left warning, z=zms repeat warnings.

Is 10 minute call limit
with 1st waring at 60 seconds
repeat warnings every 20 seconds.

There is a default message or you can setup variables to define files for the sounds (beeps, or alison smith or yourself)

With a little experimenting I should have it in a few days.