Aastra9133i rcvs on 3 lines,only 1 outgoing,rollover advice?

I can only dial out using L1 on my Aastra 9133i. When I attempt to dial out on L2 or L3 I get:

Jun 22 00:38:57 NOTICE[32391]: chan_sip.c:10469 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate user phone1_3 sip:phone1_3@;tag=26…

Asterisk (1.2) doesn’t complain about credentials until I attempt dialing on L2 or L3. It seems happy with them otherwise and delivers calls to them without issue.

Here’s how I’ve set them up:



callerid="Phone 1"

callerid="Second Line"

callerid="Third Line"


sip line1 auth name: phone1	
sip line1 display name: phone1  	
sip line1 password: test 	
sip line1 screen name: "Test Phone 1"  	
sip line1 user name: phone1	

sip line2 auth name: phone1_2
sip line2 display name: phone1_2
sip line2 password: test
sip line2 screen name: "Test Phone 1, Line 2"
sip line2 user name: phone1_2

sip line3 auth name: phone1_3
sip line3 display name: phone1_3
sip line3 password: test
sip line3 screen name: "Test Phone 1, Line 3"
sip line3 user name: phone1_3

What am I doing wrong?

Also, I’m having trouble figuring out what the best way to fake SLA with them. I’d like to be able to rollover to L2/L3 when L1/L2 are busy but I haven’t found a good example yet of how to set it up. Suggestions?