A22 Phone Connection to Asterisk

Hello all!

I’m setting my my first phone system, somewhat of a late night hobby. I have a cheap Digium A22 phone which I’m trying to get working on a freepbx/asterisk deployment that is in the cloud.

I’m having trouble getting asterisk to connect to the device when it is behind a firewall. When I look at my asterisk CHANSIP readout I see the public IP address of my facility, but with a low port number that I’m sure is not actually accessible from the outside IP.

If I make a second extension and use a computer based SIP client, It registers as that same public IP, but it gets the NAT’d port in a higher range, and is able to communicate both ways with the PBX, as expected.

My question is really, am I on the right track here? And does anyone else have some tips for setting up these phones manually with freePBX? Do i need to define anything in particular for the extension assigned to these digium phones? Do I just need to get more expensive handsets for this deployment instead of the sort-by-price-low phones?


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