a200 sangoma driver

hi everyone

I have installed a A200 Sangoma card with 2 fxo modules on asterisknow 32bit on my server. how can i install a200 driver on it?what kind of driver should install and how?thanks in advance

drivers http://wiki.sangoma.com/wanpipe-linux-drivers#frozen
install procedure http://wiki.sangoma.com/wanpipe-linux-asterisk-dahdi
I don’t know if it works wth AsteriskNOW.

hi again

I have confused in installing a200 sangoma card on asterisknow. would you tell me what kind of drivers should install in order? I have installed zaptel and afterward wanpipe but now i take error about dahdi. :frowning:

If you install zaptel you need to run setup with zaptel options instead dahdi options. Maybe the error is caused because dahdi is not installed.

Try with this wiki.sangoma.com/wanpipe-linux-a … el_install