A lot of question about Asterisk


I’m a new user… :smiley:, I have a lot of question:

1)what are the differences between Asterisk 1.6xx e 1.4?

2)in the open source world exist a software that combine Asterisk with videoconference/multiconference (like a Vmukti sourceforge.net/projects/vmukti/)?

3)if the answer to prevoius question is false, there is a method to integrate videoconference in asterisk?

4)and the capability to integrate the video mixer in Asterisk?

thank you very much

bye 8)

1.6.X is newer than 1.4.X. I am still using 1.4.X.

I don’t believe Asterisk supports video conferencing (with multiple parties. 1-> 1 it does support).

I am not sure how to integrate it.


now I know a little asterisk. I found a plug-in app_conference that make possible multi-videoconference. It work with asterisk 1.4.x and with asterisk 1.6.x with a patch.

The quality is very poor…

Do you know the plug-in foventa by sergio murillo?

No I do not. I suggest asking the one that wrote the patch.