407 Proxy authentication required

I am new to Asterisk.
I have lab setup with Elastix 1.6-12, two Aastra sip extensions (dialog 422) and two softphones (X-lite and SJphone) . No trunks connected.

I can make calls from softphones to each other and the Aastra extensions.
Can not make call from extensions to softphones nor other extension. Get busy tone.
Ran wireshark: There 's a message from the elastix server to the phone saying “407 Proxy authentication required” .

It seems as if the phones are not registered properly. They can be called but can’t make calls.
Anyone an idea…?

i would start by checking to see if your username/password on the phone is the same as your configuration. i’m guessing it’s not…

Seeing “407 Proxy authentication required” doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem. In my system I see this with every sip invite that goes to my service provider. This message is returned by my service provider along with the “nonce” value used to authenticate my end. My Asterisk then replies with another invite with a “digest authentication response” value. What do you see on the asterisk CLI when these calls fail? In general, I’ve found the CLI to provide many useful hints as to the cause of a failure. I’ve also found the capability of wireshark to generate SIP message sequence charts (statistics/voip calls) to be very useful.