407 authentication required on invite


Loving the Asterisk but having some issue.

So I have xlite client that registers with Asterisk server. That Asterisk server turns around and registers with another sip provider(through Digest challenge and everything works fine, for that DID).

However, problem happens when xlite makes an outbound call to Asterisk server (which is suppose to hand off the call to the external sip provider). Problem is that sip provider sends back 407 authentication required and I see that Asterisk server just ACK the 407 and then sends back 503 to the xlite and there is no more INVITE going out w/ the challenge response to the digest.

What key piece of information in sip.conf which will trigger then response to 407 w/ right information?

Probably the authentification-information is missing within the provider’s definition in Your sip.conf.
When using “standard” configuration within sip.conf the authentification information for a sip-provider needs to be configured twice in sip.conf: Once within the register => directive and once within the [Your-SIP-provider] section.
Just check these settings and - if the problem persists - just post Your (SIP) configuration and probably a complete (SIP) debug of an outgoing connection attempt here.

Make sure you use remotesecret, if supported, rather than secret, otherwise you will need to use insecure=invite for any normal ITSP.

In many cases, callbackextension, can avoid the need to use register=>