21 21st century "voicemail" project show-off aksing for recommendations

Hi, I closing down features on my asterisk project.

I stumbled upon voip due some software i needed to test and played with asterisk a bit to learn my self voip stuff. Then i came across home assistant and had a blight idea.

I can make a system to pickup calls when i don’t want to get a call. 1st i used the home assistant ha-sip addon. but moved that to asterisk when i started to understand asterisk a bit better.

My android phone has a connection to nextcloud. sascha(the system) downloads the contacts from vcards to a internal (fast to access db) and new a ldap server for my phone address books.
The contacts are in groups. (unknown/ALL(nogroup),close and very_close)

very_close is never picked up and always passed trough.
close has the option to call me after the state why im busy.
the rest just gets the message the caller is busy.

If i dont want calls. gtts generates a voice picks up the phone. for example:

when its late. the unknown numbers can call me between 08:00 and 21:00 known between 08:00 and 23:00 and for close home assistant detects if im sleeping.

If i have a nextcloud agenda item. The phone numbers of the attendees are downloaded and asterisk allows those numbers. For everyone else (except very_close) the phone is picked up.

And can set a manual busy switch at home assistant with a reason.

What do you think of this?

I have questions. What is the best way move around calls from one to a other?
I moved from a fxo(or the otherone) to a siptrunk and now

asterisk -x "channel redirect `asterisk -x "core show channels" | grep PJSIP/12connect- | cut -d" " -f1` karin,2,1"

does not work because the channel name is trunkt.

Quite clever but have you tried changing “12connect” to “trunkt” ?

I renamed 12connect to 12c now the full path is shown

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