2 trunks on different lines

Beginner, please be gentle!

Currently have one Asterisk server set up, trunk, extensions etc. Works fine.
Now I want to add a second trunk from a different provider connecting thru a different internet line. How?

Desired config:
Network with one Asterisk server has two routers with two different ISPs: x.x.x.1 and x.x.x.2.
Trunk A should connect via x.x.x.1
Trunk B should connect via x.x.x.2

Start by using the Linux route command, this is networking configuration issue, as far as Asterisk have network connectivity with the trunks it is transparent on the Asterisk side. This kind of configuration cause NAT issue most of time. so make sure to set all NAT settings correctly.

Thank you for your response. What I still don’t understand is how I tell asterisk which of the different routers to use for the different trunks.

That it is not done on Asterisk, it is done modifying the routing table using the Linux route command