1.4b3 iax problem

I have a couple iaxy’s that i had working perfectly with 1.2, i just changed them over to the new system. Defined a user for each of them and set hasiax = yes for both. When i try to call them i get no channel iax available. if i define an extension like 600,1,dial(iax2/220) it works fine, but when i dial 220 from any phones i get the iax channel problem. I looked at the astdb entry for them and it indeed says /iax/Registery/200. Is this a bug or just something I am missing?

if you have
exten => 600,1,dial(iax2/220)

then you would dial 600 to ring it not 220…

I was giving an example. I dont have exten 220 defined. It is defined by virtue of being a user. But i can dial it! it tells me this:

[Dec 14 10:42:16] WARNING[1827]: channel.c:2870 ast_request: No channel type reg istered for ‘IAX’
[Dec 14 10:42:16] WARNING[1827]: app_dial.c:1081 dial_exec_full: Unable to creat e channel of type ‘IAX’ (cause 66 - Channel not implemented)
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (2:0/0/2)

fullname = xxx
secret = xxxxx
email =
cid_number = 951xxxxxxx
zapchan =
context = numberplan-Test
hasvoicemail = no
hasdirectory = no
hassip = yes
hasiax = yes
hasmanager = no
callwaiting = yes
threewaycalling = yes
mailbox = 220
hasagent = no
group =
host = dynamic
disallow = all
allow = ulaw

iax2 show peers:
voip-gw*CLI> iax2 show peers
Name/Username Host Mask Port Status
guest (Unspecified) (D) 0 Unmonitored
demo/asterisk (S) 4569 Unmonitored
221 (D) 4569 Unmonitored
220 (D) 4569 Unmonitored

It looks like the “IAX” instead of the “IAX2” cause the problem.

Yes that is the problem. Unfortunately I cant figure out where to fix it. It is somewhere in the 1.4b3 system.

I have a bone stock dialplan, with the exception of a few dids defined. These iaxys worked with a 1.2 system just fine so i think its something inthe way 1.4b3 handles iax registrations. I wasnt debugging when they register. but in the astdb they show as /iax/registry/220 and their ip info. Shouldnt they show as iax2? and if i change the db entry manually it doesnt make any difference.