1.2.24 stability


We are currently running Asterisk 1.2.13 and are planning to upgrade to a later version of 1.2 - preferably 1.2.24. I’ve been through all of the bug reports and cannot find anything too concerning related to 1.2.24 but I would like to check with those of you who have experience of using it.

We have no telephone cards in the Asterisk server - our PSTN connectivity is via an external VoIP gateway (SIP to PRI). At present we only use basic telephony functionality (incoming and outgoing calls, call forward, transfer, ring groups, etc) but we may well start to use some of the more interesting features in the near future.

Can those of you with experience of 1.2.24 please let me have your views on it’s stability. My main concern is not to have any crashes but feedback on any other problems would be appreciated.