008 Open Source WebRTC softphone with AI

Hi there!

I would like you to introduce our Open source webRTC softphone with AI included https://008agent.ai/


  • Open source
  • Event based. We deliver the events and recordings to the desired web-hook
  • AI. We offer right now STT and summarisation with our small embedded LLM trained in call-center conversations.
  • HTML and electron

It’s totally free and we hope the community would benefit from it.
We are eager to hear feedback from you guys and help you as much as you may need.


Looks interesting!

Questions about this 92.3MB Web Assembler binary (?), which looks like it is used as the language model locally on the client (?):


…which appears to be downloaded by:

…is there source code available for it ?

Tried a few inspection tools (wasm-decompile, wasm-validate, wasm2c) and kept getting:

0000004: error: bad magic value

@penguinpbx thanks for your interest!

The language models runs within the softphone.
What its being downloaded are the weights of the AI models.
We use Whisper for TTS and Phi-2 for our LLM.

The model that you are asking for is the TTS Whisper. The format is GGUF. We are moving them to Huggingface soon.

Our LLM has been also specially trained for call-center conversations summarization. We are releasing paper and code soon.

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