Zoom 5801 ATA UK PSTN parameters

I have a zoom 5801 ATA connected into asterisk.

I have a created a sip trunk created which the 5801 is registered to and when I dial 78 from asterisk extn which is set to route to the trunk to the 5801.

I’ve enabled VoIP to PSTN bridging on the 5801 to auto answer but when dial 78 the analogue phone plugged into the 5801 rings and doesn’t auto answer so can dial out to the PSTN line,

Also if enable PSTN to VoIP bridging and dial the PSTN line the 5801 doesn’t auto answer and there’s no activity on the led for the PSTN, I suspect it’s the parameters for the PSTN that’s wrong so it isn’t detecting the incoming call.

Anybody tried using a 5801 on asterisk with a UK landline and had any success?

The documentation isn’t very informative for how to do anything but basic settings.

Thanks in advance

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