Zonedata.c and indication.conf

Hi all

Does anybody know what the different between zonedata.c tone and indication.conf tone?
when does the asterisk play the tone and zonedata.c and when does the asterisk play the indication.conf tone?

and also I wanna know detail about the CONGESTION tone and STUTTER tone.
what is CONGESTION tone???

Thank you so much.

Support questions should be asked on Asterisk Support - this is a discussion forum.

zonedata.c is part of DAHDI, not Asterisk, so won’t be used at all for VoIP. Judging from the name of the table, I would suspect it is used as fallback values when the higher level application (Asterisk) doesn’t provide any information.

I can’t find “wanna” in my English dictionary, but CONGESTION tone is played when a call fails due to lack of network resources, including busy trunks, but, ideally, not including busy subscribers. STUTTER tone is played when a caller picks up their phone and there is a message waiting (generally voicemail). It replaces DIALTONE.

Note that most VoIP phones generate these tones internally, so are not affected by the files mentioned.