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Hi I am trying to integrate my asterisk 16 with Zoho CRM after some setup using Zoho integration adapter I can press the Call button in Zoho and my ext will be ringing when I pick up my phone the customer number will be dialed, but I get any details on Zoho CRM , so Zoho pop up module still in calling status, after some research Zoho support sent to me:

Basically we will track 3 call states1. RINGING - when destination phone ringing2. UP - when the call is answered3. HUNGUP - when the call endedWe will take the call details ie., from number and to number from the channel variables provided by PBX ie.,On RINGING state, we will take call details from dialing channelOn Up state, we will take call details from linked channelOn HUNGUP state, we will take call details from dialed channelWe will get notification on RINGING, UP & HUNGUP call states.But if you search in the provided logs, - On RINGING state, dialing channel is null - On UP state, linked channel is null - on HUNGUP state, dialed channel is nullSince our PB adapter couldn't get enough details from the PBX, the call notification was not sent.Please suggest cx to contact asterisk java developer that why these channel details are notified as null.Here, in these live logs all the channel details for all states are being received from their side as nullc

so how can I solve this issue?
knowing that I am using Freepbx alongside Asterisk.

You will need to ask to the Zoho team how is the CRM notified by Asterisk that the call has been Answered, and after that verify if the notification is sent and received.

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The Zoho CRM not notified at all , it’s just keep in calling status no Answered or hangup status.

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