Zaptel - "Your kernel lacks CRC_CCIT support!"

I’m trying to compile (emerge) zaptel-1.2.3 on gentoo 2.6.16 and I get this error. I’ve enabled the CCITT X.25 support in the kernel but that didn’t seem to do it.


have you tried enabling PPP_ASYNC support ? doesn’t that do the trick ?

That fixed it, thanks!

ahh yes, gentoo … see you tomorrow :smiley:

Sorry for the confusion… I don’t like gentoo either… my former (now deleted/updated message) was incorrect as I was confusing “emerge” with “make” (in the midst of trying to solve my issue, I decided to try compiling from the latest source rather than trying to emerge… sigh)…

I’m with you on the “see you tomorrow” thing… It is just that I can’t find anything that is so easy to use and well maintained with binaries. So I am using gentoo.

In any event, looks like you solved my issue. Thanks again.

no problem. i have no idea about gentoo as it happens, but can use google like a pro :smiley: