Zaptel NIC problem


I have the following problem. I have configured the zaptel drivers to
automatically start when the computer boots (/etc/init.d). They start correctly but I am obtaining a problem with my network card.
"*** Invalid MAC in EEPROM" thus the interface eth0 is not present.

When I remove the automatic startup of the zaptel drivers and afterwards I load them manualyusing the modprobe command this problem does not appear.

Can anybody help me?


what doescat /proc/interrupts output ?

Usually the NIC card uses IRQ10
the TE110P card uses IRQ 11
and the TDM400P uses IRQ 3 or 9

But when this problem arises IRQ10 is left unused (no NIC).

Even when I start the zaptel drivers after the network service (local.rc)
the problem still arises. The only way that I found to fix the problem
is to put the following in the local.rc file.

sleep 60 # This solves the problem but …
service zaptel start
sh /usr/sbin/safe_asterisk

Do you have a better idea?