Zaptel 1.4.12 and linux 2.6.38 conflicts

I haved used zaptel 1.4.12 and linux 2.6.29 on my voip board before, and they can work correctly. Recently, I need to update the kernel to 2.6.38, but I find there are many conflicts between zaptel 1.4.12 and linux 2.6.38. Of course, I know dahdi has replaced zaptel, so there is no update for zaptel. Unfortunately, I have to use zaptel, so I have to update zaptel to match with linux 2.6.38. I find ioctl should be replaced by unlocked_ioctl in zaptel-base.c and modify it, but zaptel still can not work correctly on the board. Anyone knows the update for zaptel to match with kernel 2.6.38? Please give me a help, Thanks!