Zaptel-1.2.9 incomplete?


While trying to compile the latest zaptel-1.2.9, I get errors about files not found. Could it be that the subdir oct612x is completely missing? At least it is not there at all. The /include dir (which was included in zaptel-1.2.7) is missing.


HOSTCC /root/install/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/fw2h
/root/install/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/fw2h /root/install/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/OCT6114-128D.ima /root/install/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/vpm450m_fw.h
make[3]: *** No rule to make target /root/install/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/../oct612x/include/oct6100api/oct6100_api.h', needed by/root/install/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp/vpm450m.o’. Stop.
make[2]: *** [/root/install/zaptel-1.2.9/wct4xxp] Error 2
make[1]: *** [module/root/install/zaptel-1.2.9] Error 2


it looks like

On the mailinglist people are wondering too: … 65381.html

Too bad Digium is not awake during the weekend :wink: when most of us are playing around, especially with new releases so bugs can reported.


Some had posted that if you get it from the SVN then you wont have any problems. For now you can get it from SVN or downgrade to 1.2.8 which you can download at … 2.8.tar.gz