Zapateller not working for zap channel?

I just installed and configured an X100P. Seems to work fine, although I had terrible echo until I enabled the MG2 echo canceller. Anyway, I’m noticing that when a call comes in with no CID, and Zapateller runs, the caller does not hear the SIT, whereas if the same call comes in via the IAX DID from voipstreet, I do hear it. I confirmed that zapateller IS running and is trying to play the SIT, but nothing happens. Any ideas?

try answer() first?

that did the trick, thanks. never occurred to me, since i had been doing it without Answer() back through AAH 2.5 or so (this is now freepbx 1.2). obviously, something changed. thanks!

not all applications will answer the channel automatically as often there is a reason for not doing so. Glad it worked! :smile: