Zapata Tormenta and Ebay

Hi. I’m reading Asterisk: the Future of Telephony 2 ed. and I need help finding an inexpensive card like that of Zapata’s Tormenta on Ebay. I’m not sure which keywords to use. I keep coming up with items which are out of my price range. I needs some advice.

My primary concern it cost. Hopefully, I can get everything for my setup under $80.
I already have:
Computer: '99 Pentium Celeron
Phone: Panasonic KX-TG1034 … 0321765101

The description of the phone says its digital, so I’m not sure if I need an ATA or not? I’ll definetly look in to buy a Digium’s card with echo cancellation, once I have my business going, but like I said, cost is more important right now. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Setup will be be 1-4 lines for home/small buisness.

Search eBay for x100p

What about an FXS interface? I want to drop the POTS and go VOIP. I want to connect an ordinary telephone to a computer. What should I search for?

Search for ata (f.i.sipura) ata is the abriviation of anolog telephone adaptor.