Zapata and ignoring an incoming call

we have one phone line that we’d like to use for outgoing calls only, and have a fax machine handle the incoming calls.

added the following to the zapata.conf

channel => 1,3,4

channel => 1-4

and extensions.conf is set to use TRUNK=G2

however, it still seems to be picking up that second channel when a call comes in.

where would i specify the incoming group? i’m probably missing something blatantly obvious…


the group number only affects the outgoing use of the channel. you need to specify a different context for the channel you want to ignore, and have that context contain something like [incoming-ignore] exten => s,1,Wait(999) exten => s,2,Congestion()

awesome, i’ll give that a try

thanks :smile:

yup, works great

thanks again!