ZAP/Pseudo channel?

Can anyone tell me what the pseudo channel, which no call leagcy call is taking place, shows up in a Rsrvd state?
Channel Location

Zap/pseudo-20410227 s@legacy:1 Rsrvd (None)

It shows up in zap show channels as well.

Chan Extension Context Language MusicOnHold
pseudo legacy
pseudo legacy

It varies from context to context time to time.
I have set all context to have pri connections with 23 channels and one D-channel. I currenty have 8 Pri’s on my Asterisk server.


meetme conferences use the pseudo channel … maybe other features as well


I have this connection set up with a host ip only which is only used as a 2-way sip connection for dialed call’s to the PRI’s and from the PRI’s to the sip trunk.

There is no conference or transfer features for this connection. Everything seems to work right but the ZAP/pseudo channel with this context name has me stumped.