Zap Problem

hello, I have some problems with my channels zap, when I make a call before they answer I see in CLI that was answered and alone this ringing

– Executing [2650221@cyber:1] Dial(“SIP/113-b6806408”,
“Zap/g0/2650221|68|tT”) in new stack
– Called g0/2650221
– Zap/4-1 answered SIP/113-b6806408

this causes me problems in the billing

mi line is analog



When calling out analog lines, the analog service provider does not give information with respect to whether or not a party at the far end has answered. So, this is a problem you’re going to have unless you’re using a line type, such as PRI, that will provide this accurate answer information.


my telephony provider doesn’t know how to give me answer of this problem, I have problems of polarity in my it lines