ZAP channels trunk hunting


We have 8 PSTN Lines connected to our FXO channels in the Rhino Channel bank. I would like to give only “one trunk number” to our clients say 239-33-33(as our telco provide 7 digit land line number) and another 7 trunk lines number for each of our FXO channel. (we would like our client to remember only one phone number for fast access)

i would like, if caller “A” dial the 239-33-33 and access to our telephone system maybe talk to one of our staff. Thus caller “A” occupied the channel intended for 239-33-33.

in between to the conversation of caller “A” and our staff The Caller “B” Dial the same number dialed by Caller “A” which is 239-33-33 and she will be connected to the local of another staff perhaps. thus the two channels are being used.

again, in between the conversation of two callers and staff another caller let us say caller “C” dial the same trunk number and will be provided with channel. and this process wil go on as long as there is trunk channel available.

my question are how to keep accept incoming calls from PSTN, though first channel (239-33-33) is used already by first caller?

or i need to put the first caller to the last channel thus it free the 239-33-33 and put the second caller to the second from the last channel and again this will free 239-33-33. and if there is third caller put it again to the third from the last channel. again this will free 239-33-33 and so on until there is no channel availalble to accept the trunk transfer from 239-33-33.

im pretty sure that one of this scenario is the right way so please tell me how to interpret it with asterisk.
or if there is other way please tell me and discuss me so my Asterisk could
cater more incoming calls

if wise caller would dial any of the 2-8 trunk line number assigned to each FXO line she/he will have the same IVR with trunk 239-33-33 and access our telephone system

Thanks really

You should call the telco and order rollover on your lines with your primary number being the primary. It may be called something other than “rollover”…like hunt or whatever.

It would have to be on the telco side. When the caller dials the “main” number, then if that channel was busy, it would hunt to the next line in the series.

Hope this helps!

thank you very much for the immediate reply.

as i have mentioned from my other threads we have Existing PANASONIC PBX and after you talk about rollover or trunk hunting is a TELCO side i tested our PANA PBX and dial the first trunk line from outside i made two calls at the same time from differnt POTS and the 2 calls were entertain by the IVR of PANA , so i am sure the Telco side is ready for “Hunting” but i dont know how it with PANASONIC coz as of now i dont have yet access with the PANA system programming.

Now my concern is, by the time we will migrate to Full blown Asterisk PABX would it do automatically the same about Hunting like is PANA?

I have little confusion with ZAP channels group like “g/1” or “G/1” and etc
would it matter when it comes to Trunk hunting? as what i have asking?

for a system with 8 lines, i would be very surprised if the telco hadn’t turned on trunk hunting. otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to call the same number with 2 external phones and get through.

so when you install Asterisk you’ll be fine.

as far as using ‘g1’ or ‘G1’ goes, it’s a matter of personal preference and only affects outgoing calls. it sets the method in which Zap selects the channel to use, either bottom up (if channel 1 in use then use 2, if 2 in use then use 3 … etc) or top down (if channel 8 in use then use 7, if 7 in use then use 6 … etc). if you have lots of calls coming in on the lower channels (and you’ll need to establish what order they arrive on the lines you have) then you can make outgoing calls go out from the higher channels, minimising the chances of an accidental pickup of an incoming caller by an outgoing call.

i gotcha, so now its clear g1 or G1 is for outgoing calls.

but somehow could i set my on incoming trunk hunting? just incase the TELCO forget to enable the trunk hunting.
that is the call coming from outside PSTN and going into my Asterisk server
and the Asterisk will be the one to be configure for trunk hunting?

Asterisk can’t do anything with the telco trunk hunt (or lack of it). all Asterisk sees is a call on a channel.

If you called your Panasonic several times via a single number and were able to get through on different lines, then rollover or hunting is enabled. Usually telcos will turn that on for businesses that have multiple lines.

Since you tried it and it worked, you should be ok when you go to Asterisk.

On the asterisk side, the zapata.conf file will allow you to set up what context to direct the calls to, so just set all the channels to the context that has your menu and there you go.

But like BaconButtie said, Asterisk doesn’t have anything to do with if the telco has hunting enabled or not.


thanks :smile: