ZAP Channel grouping

I need a different zap channel selection behaviour than is currently provided by either g,G,r,R.
I need a true sequential selection of outgoing ZAP channel so that each new outbound call gets the next highest available channel.
I basically need an even distribution of calls across the channels.

Why do I need this?
In the UK, British Telecom (BT) offer a package called ONE Plan inclusive that allows you to pay ~£14 a month per channel to get a bunch of inclusive minutes again per channel. So when you have 20 channels and the utilisation is 60-70% then you need to use all of the channels to make best use of the inclusive minutes. The current ZAP options don’t make this easy to achieve.

So before I start hacking the up. Has anyone any suggestions or thoughts about this?


Looks to me that that product isn’t intended for businesses using PABXes. Round robin scheduling will increase the risk of glare (incoming and outgoing calls colliding). Normally you want incoming calls to start at one end, and outgoing ones at the other.

If you are still using zaptel, you are using a version of the software that is no longer supported. I think you either need to do the hunting in the dialplan - maybe use the queue application - or you are on your own.

Even if I go to DAHDI then I’m assuming that this isn’t a function.
Where is the best place to hunt down a paid for asterisk hacker?