Your favorite US supplier?

Who is your favorite USA supplier of VoIP equipment e.g. Grandstream phones and Linksys PAP2T-NA ATAs?

I’ve pretty much standardized on the Grandstream BudgeTone 200 and the PAP2T-NA, at least until good reason comes up to use something else.

i use never had a problem w/ them

I think for some products is cheaper, never used em tho

i use never had a problem w/ them

Good morning, IronHelix.

I have been using voipsupply up to now and so far, so good.

I am somewhat pissed off at them, though, because when they shipped me the two PAP2T-NA ATAs (on the second attempt … the first shipment disappeared into the Twilight Zone, I think…), they came with ZERO useful documentation. Not really Voipsupply’s fault, they ship what they get from Linksys, but then when I asked them about how to at least be able to call up the configuration web page, they said they wouldn’t help me unless I bought a support contract.

It’s not like I asked them how to configure it, all I asked was how to access the configuration so I could change it to suit the situation here.

I understand that they sell support and all, but selling me a box without even the information on how to access the device’s configuration, and refusing to provide that information withou an additional money payment, is taking “follow-up sales generation” a little too far.

I’ll take a look at


I have been using Service has been excellent.


we’ve had pretty good luck with voip-supply and atacomm.

if you’re looking for more general telephony and call-center related equipment, has been good for us as well.