You have the right to do what you want with your software

i know HPEC is not a GPL software but the board is under Warranty.

Digium Custom Service:
“if this is for a customer then they have to request the licenses. This is an end user agreement. I cannot issue the licenses to you for them. Once they request them, I can copy you on the e-mail but the end user has to make the request. I’m sorry, but this is proprietary software, not GPL.”

we have few customer (around 20+ maybe more) we manage there web Page, we manage and control there Administration software we manager there VOIP.

we were using few other hardware echo cause there poor sound/echo on some PBX (bad wiring, whatever) we started considering using the TDM 4 analog port after the announce of the Software HPEC and see how the customer feel with the sound, (they know everything about the asterisk GPL and the voice quality that come from some hardware ans some VOIP phone,etc we dont charge asterisk they just pay us for our Support in all there stuff) well maybe around 14 of those use the TE207p and/or the new Board

what i considering an issue is that i need to tell to my customer to send you and email, bothering him with those kind stuff.

we may have just 2 board more of this so we will have to wait the customer has the VOIP adquired/installed and after there hearing the poor voice echo telling him that this will be solved when you send an email?

They will send the email but jesus. i don’t see a reason.

really confused about why has to be that way?

Neither of the new 4 Channel Board with Echo hardware nor software ask me to send an email for this and price are under, we just like to keep and standard on all our voip same(hardware/VOIP board/same Router and Switch).

Sorry for my english, its not my main language.

Thank for you time and reply to this post.