Yahoo VoIP on Asterisk?

Someone posted this saying Linksys has started to support Yahoo VoIP on its SPA2102. I believe this will make it easier to sniff the traffics on an SPA2102 when talking to Yahoo VoIP server(s) to derive the topology used by Yahoo VoIP server(s). That said, perhaps someone who has lots of programming knowledge in asterisk can start working on supporting Yahoo VoIP on asterisk. Anyone?

I’ve been curious about that myself.

For example, I do know that yahoo voice is very probably using standard SIP as it’s signalling. It should be very easy for an asterisk box to interface with yahoo SIP servers.

By way of illustration, start up a yahoo messenger client, and open a command line window on your desktop. Type netstat, and note the name of the servers that your desktop is connected to. One of mine was:

So, I suppose there’s probably something that could be done.

That will be a splendid option to have to be able to talk to Yahoo users. I hope some asterisk developers will take into consideration to support Yahoo voice unless we want to be left behind. :smiley: