Xorcom device error

Hello every body,

I had installed two interfaces of XorCom (XR0010 and XR0005) connected to a pbx server running Elastix 2.0.4 beta 4.

I had a problem with voice (sound) quality on the internal extensions (distortion in the sound of the call) and it seems to be package dropping or something else ?

This problem only appears with the internal extensions and did not appears with the external calls.

Could you please help me in solving this problem ?

I’ve never had a sound quality issue with that hardware except on an under-powered server due to trans-coding.
Since the problem only exists between endpoints on the system I don’t think that the Xorcom hardware is relevant to the problem; otherwise you’d be having that issue on all calls.
Such issues can be caused by a variety of causes not limited to

  • buggy/bleeding edge versions of software
  • flaky network hardware
  • power issues (including flaky POE switches)
  • under powered CPU
  • wrong echo canceler settings
    I notice you’re running a beta version of Elastix rather than the stable release; why?

hi, and thanks for your reply,

what do you mean with under powered server.

how can I know and prevent under power CPU.

How can I check and change the settings and values for the echo canceler.

I am using the beta version as I face the same problem with the older and stable versions.


I just looked to see which XR models those are and they’re all FXS ports.
Are all of your internal extensions FXS extensions?

What kind of server are you using?
How much ram?
Does your server have USB2 ports and are you plugged into USB2 ports?

[quote=“mohamedattia35”]hi, and thanks for your reply,

what do you mean with under powered server.[/quote]

One that is too slow for the work that it is being asked to do


how can I know and prevent under power CPU.[/quote]

Look at the speed rating in the specification. Also look at the the operating system’s measure of system load to make sure that you are using significantly less than 100% of your processor capacity (e.g. “top” on most version of Linux).

Buy a faster machine.

My Server is a desktop machine Dell optiplex 980 (Intel Corei3 and 4GB RAM and have usb2)

Is that enough or shall I buy a new one with more power cpu and ram

And about my extensions, I have 40 extensions inside the building and also we have 3 PSTN Lines and 2 SIP Trunks.

That is a 64 bit processor I believe… what is the output of the following?
uname -a