Xlite Ignore - queue behavior


I have a customer with an inbound service. I have set up some queues that callers are let in to via different choices in an IVR meny.

When some of the queue members gets a call to their X-Lite they choose to Ignore the call to send it to another queue member. This works most of the time but several times a day - the call is not sent to another member - instead nobody gets the call for several seconds (up to 30 seconds or something) and then somebody gets the call.

Does anyone have clues for what to look for here?

I suspect that they might have another X-lite logged in to the same asterisk extension or something, but I am not located near their office to check it out.

Here is one of the queue definitions i queues.conf:

joinempty = yes
setinterfacevar = yes
setqueueentryvar = yes
retry = 5
maxlen = 50
ringinuse = no
announce-frequency = 30
announce-position = yes
periodic-announce = TryckFyrkant
strategy = leastrecent
context = Privat-LeaveQueue

Help much appreciated!