X-Lite and DTMF

I have encountered a puzzle. Since upgrading to AAH 2.5 all of my X-Lite SIP clients cannot transmit DTMF tones. All of the other SIP clients that I have tried work just fine, so do any IAX clients.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is this a know bug?

I have looked at this board, sourceforge Asterisk@home board and googled until I am blue. No matter what combination of AMP and X-Lite settings I change - no DMTF?

Setup: P4 1.6Ghz 1GB Ram, AAH 2.5 (latest iso), X-Lite 1106q build

My configs are setup according the fine folks at Nerdvittles (many thanks!).

Try to write in sip.conf dtmfmode=rfc2833.
I had the same issue and it is resolved.

Hope it helps.