WSS Support in Asterisk 12.1.1?

I’m sorry I don’t have the chops to browse the code to answer this, but I wonder if anyone knows for sure if the chatter out there in is true, which is that secure websockets support is not currently operational in Asterisk 12?

I am using sipML5, and things work perfectly with regular websockets transport. Using wss, I get a connection to the server via the secure socket, but the SIP registration never happens. Changing back to insecure sockets immediately fixes the problem, and I found several posts out there that say, “sipML5 is innocent here; Asterisk is broken.”

Can anyone comment?



You might wanna check the -users list, as more of the discussions for newer versions (and newer features) typically happens there.


Where is it? I didn’t see a group in “front page” of the forum site!

And I just double-checked; could my browser be hiding it?

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Thanks, though.