Wrong play sound and muted rining on the phone

Dear All,

I would like you to share for your fantastic information for our issues.

  • Asterisk 1.8.9
  • Linux system

Actually, we are using the Asterisk for our biz call and it’s working well except below situation.

  1. Same Sound are played that “All circuits are busy now” only.
    A.When the out-bound Call is refused by receiver that had the phone number.
    B.When the Dialed number is wrong, error number or not a recognized phone number etc.

2.There isn’t any ringing or any sound on the phone when the call is forwarded by the phone of receiver. So, some people hang-up the phone call before to get it.

let me have you guys green comments.

You need to explicitly invoke Progress() to have in band tones forwarded.

You may also need to explicitly answer the call, as, unless you are a network operator, your network operator will probably not pass early media.