Wrong number at attended transfert


I’m using a xorcom pbx and I have this problem:

party a external caller
party b first internal phone 201
party c second internal phone 202

When party a calls a public number, party b’s phones rings and the displayed number is ok.
Party b takes the phones and need tot attended transfer it with *2.
Party b pressing *2202.
Phone 202 is ringing, but we see the external number from party a. This is in my experiance of pbx’s (panasonic nec samsung …) wrong. We need to see 201.
When party c takes the phone he has to known that this is 201 and when the transfer is allowed, we need to see the number of party a when party b has transfer of ended the call.

I played with sendrid=pai, but no luck.
I don’t see anywhere the expected numbers with sngrep.

Does anyone has a clue how to debug this are how to fix this?


Interestingly, it looks to me as though another, current thread, actually wants the behaviour that you are seeing!

In my response, I said that I didn’t know how features transfers were handled.

I don’t think there is any right answer, as different users may have different requirements, but, if you are using SIP phones, using native SIP transfers should produce the behaviour you want.

I suspect the difference between Asterisk features and other switches is that, with Asterisk, one indicates an intent to do a transfer, whereas most switches only treat the operation as an enquiry, and, as explained in the other thread, the SIP handling of attended transfers looks like a second line call, not a transfer, until it is competed by sending REFER/Replaces.

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