Wrong macro termination control

if upgraded to the new branches-version 117871 and have the following problem:
If I call a macro from a context in a macro (not s) the inner macro jumps back to priority +1 of the macro context s!

-- Executing [s-CHANUNAVAIL@macro-DialOut:1] Macro("IAX2/10100-4576", "GetTrunk|101|2") in new stack
-- Executing [s@macro-GetTrunk:1] Noop("IAX2/10100-4576", "Nothing to do") in new stack
-- Executing [s@macro-GetTrunk:2] NoOp("IAX2/10100-4576", "Macro-Exten=s-CHANUNAVAIL| Macro-Context=macro-DialOut and Macro-Priority=1") in new stack
-- Executing [s@macro-GetTrunk:3] MacroExit("IAX2/10100-4576", "") in new stack
-- Executing [s@macro-DialOut:2] Set("IAX2/10100-4576", "PRIO=0") in new stack

in Macro DialOut:
coming from s-CHANUNAVAIL,1
going to macro GetTrunk,1
going to macro GetTrunk,2 (just for information, the macro variables)
going to macro GetTrunk,3
jump back to Macro DialOut

Behavior how it should be:
going to s-CHANUNAVAIL,2 in Macro DialOut

Behavior how it happens:
going to s,2

Any idea, I think this is a bug, because it used to work before. Is there a limit of macros inside macros?