Wrong line number in error message?

I’m currently working on an asterisk based phone system solution, and noticed a strange behaviour regarding syntax errors in configuration files.

My configuration is quite large, and I will have multiple customers on the same system, and therefore the configuration has been split into multiple files per customer.

When I have a syntax error in one of the included files, the error number is WAY off, in the error message, but the filename is correct.
“[Dec 17 09:57:42] WARNING[27782]: config.c:2024 process_text_line: No ‘=’ (equal sign) in line 525 of /etc/asterisk/includedFile.conf”

The included file has a total of 136 lines, and the actual error was located on line 12.

Is there a way to figure out where exactly in the file the error exists, based on the line number in the message, or will you just have to guess, and be happy that at least the filename is correct?

I’m currently having the issue with Asterisk 13, and yes I know it’s old, but at least it’s an LTS version. :wink: